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14 Dec

Do you need money and have some free time to spare?

 Well, you should try exchanging those hours for money with side hustles!
Today we will cover some side hustle ideas. Note side hustles that aren't mainstream could be more profitable because of low competition.
Let's recap, the bigger the problem bigger your profit for providing a solution will be! So take initiative and discover your local or even global problems to solve. But that's a business model, you are here for side hustle ideas and don't have the time or the capital to launch a business. Let's get started!

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Side note before we begin! Some side hustles are more profitable in the west. Some hustles aren't available worldwide! So keep that in mind. Okay okay, let us get to the point.

1. Participate in Paid SurveysParticipating in surveys is one of the easiest side jobs you can do in your spare time. Some survey websites charge a fee to give an opinion. 

2. Providing pet-sitting services and making extra income from caring for other people's animals has become a popular side business. 

3. Sell stock images and music to generate a modest passive income by selling your photography and music productions on microstock websites. Be dedicated and consistent, and pay attention to popular stock photography and music trends. 

4. Become a rideshare driver and make deliveries If you own a car, you can get paid to pick people up or deliver food. You must meet the requirements of the rideshare platform and prepare the required documents in advance. 

5. Flipping Items For Profit. Flipping items is a side business that requires little to no investment and can be scaled up for a six-figure annual income. Please pay attention to the quality and price of the product when purchasing the product. Set a resale rate that does not exceed 10% of the original price. 

6. Creating an SMMA. Managing other businesses' social media presence. You don't need to do this B2B. Some people will pay you to manage their dating profiles, invitations, and so on. If you want to learn those skills get our Starter Pack with FREE tools.

7. Catering. Before starting a catering business, you need to decide on the right business model, have the facilities and equipment in place, and advertise your services on social media and on your business website. 

8. HOUSEKEEPINGConsider what kind of cleaning services you provide and how much time you can devote to this side hustle. Next, set aside a budget to purchase cleaning supplies. It takes at least an hour and a half to clean a 1,000-square-foot space. Multiply the hourly rate by the estimated cleaning time. 

9. Get Handyman JobsIf you know someone who has been in the industry for a long time, ask them to become your apprentice. 

10. Graphic design. Receiving commissions for drawing or graphic design. Becoming a graphic designer or illustrator requires creativity, artistry, and organizational skills. Take a digital media course, read a design book, and familiarize yourself with readily available resources for graphic design and illustration.